Island IT

Island grown managed IT  and expert consulting for our island.

Welcome to  Island Information Systems. We are an information technology  (IT) consulting and support firm that provides small to medium sized business innovative solutions for IT  and day to day business. We provide IT support and consulting for our island and its communities. We are a local to Vancouver Island  and understand the islands business’s requirements when it comes to IT.

We build managed IT infrastructure from the ground up and more.

We assist your businesses  IT operations by creating centralized  computer management for all systems in your business. By organizing and centralizing your businesses IT systems your company will be more efficient in day to day operations.

Generally, we evaluate your current computer infrastructure and make recommendations on how to improve your efficiency for your IT.

Once recommendations are made and approved we implement them.

Why is IT important to business?

If your IT is organized efficiently, you will benefit  by having a your companies electronic resources, network, and user identity centralized in one location and not scattered amongst various computers. This  infrastructure change leads to creating a workplace where everyone can work from one location, data is backed up and users are controlled. The benefit is the company reduces costs related to IT inefficiency.

How do we do it?

As mentioned, we normally do an assessment of your current IT infrastructure.  If there is no IT infrastructure we create one for you. Once completed, we recommend what needs to change in order to improve your company’s IT infrastructure.  We then meet, consult and determine what your company needs and what we can implement based on  your IT budget.

Our team

Our team consists only of educated IT professionals who come from a variety of industry backgrounds and have passion for IT innovation and success. Every member of our team has at least 10 years experience deploying complex IT infrastructure.

For consulting please email:


Providing IT Support for * Victoria * Vancouver * Naniamo * Duncan * Campbell River 

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